Hiding or Revealing or...

This World, the Next and Then the Peach Orchard / Blues, Blues


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Internationally known mask / movement company, MASQUE, performs original theatre pieces with special emphasis on the mask and puppet. The company has performed on four continents for over a million people since 1980.

Considering the universal phenomenon of masks, original vignette style theatre is created which reflects the timeless capacity of this ancient art form.

"A mask is two-way traffic all the time; it sends a message in and projects a message out."

Peter Brook

Mask, mime, movement, music, speaking characters and the 'never knowing what to expect next' anticipation, makes these performances an experience you will definitely leave talking about for quite some time.

PBS Feature Story


Pierrot International Adult Puppet Festival, Stara Zagora, Bulgaria



                              Masque Theatre 203.266.7479 maskwaljh@aol.com