Playing with Klee


"Playing With Klee"

Exploration of the Life and Vision of Paul Klee

World premiere Hong Kong January, 2001.

Paul Klee left us his oeuvre of brilliant moments. Larry Hunt has taken several of these moments and designed concepts where the movement of Paul Klee's works is continued into other art forms.

MASQUE, Chinese traditional artists from Guang Chou, Ming Ri Children's Theatre Company of Hong Kong, Shadow Puppeteer Stephen Kaplin of NYC, Designer/Puppeteer Douglas Paasch from Seattle, puppet designer and builder David Regan, and Connecticut Visual Artist Fran Patnaude re-visualized some artworks of Swiss/German artist Paul Klee and reinvented them in the puppet/mask worlds.

Music was created by Liang Liang from Beijing, Janet Marlow from Litchfield Connecticut and Liam Curtis from Watertown, Connecticut

Self Portrait


Inspirations from "Self-Portrait" and "Komiker 2"

Twittering Machine (no, not that one!)


"Twittering Machine" and "Zwei Dammen"

Cast included:  Simon Hunt, Larry Hunt, Douglas Paasch, Hua Hua Zuang, and 'Big' John.  Shadow puppeteers from Ming Ri Theatre under the direction of Simon Wong.


Untitled 1940

















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